Contract Manufacturing for Complex Demand

No more supply chain uncertainty and unmet promises. From precision components to complex weldments and assemblies, we are the single-source contract manufacturer you can trust to enhance how you bring products to life through deeply-integrated manufacturing solutions and value-added capabilities.

From concept to finished product, we do this by:

  • Delivering excellence through integrated capabilities.
  • Hiring top talent at every level of our organization.
  • Supporting multinational OEMs from our facilities in the U.S. and Mexico.
  • Providing stability at scale to meet evolving OEM demand.

Our Contract Manufacturing Approach

The Need

We first assess your metal/material requirements and the form your metal will take (sheet, coil, etc.).

The Details

Then, we nail down your industry-specific needs, such as production volume and packaging specifications.

The Value

If there’s material we can change or a part we can replace, we will find a way to source it at optimal cost.

The Launch

We launch production while your dedicated contact keeps you abreast of all timelines and inspections (PPAP).

Why Choose Standard Iron for Contract Manufacturing?

Leading OEMs choose Standard Iron because we’re way more than a reliable parts supplier. For over 90 years, we’ve empowered contract manufacturers to meet their customers’ expectations while reducing lead times and costs.

Our Geographic Reach

We are strategically-positioned to support manufacturing needs at scale for customers in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Integrated Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom Welding

Our deep welding expertise and broad capabilities allow us to provide OEMs with quality, cost-effective solutions for their most complex assembly requirements.

Our welding solutions ensure quality complex parts and assemblies, even with the tightest tolerances. We’ll determine the most cost-effective welding method and work closely with engineers and inspectors to meet your durability and performance requirements.

With welding expertise that is deeply-integrated with our overall contract manufacturing capabilities, we increase value, improve quality, and reduce costs for OEMs with complex assembly needs.

See our deeply-integrated contract manufacturing capabilities to learn how we consistently deliver more value to OEM operations at scale.

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