Project Clarity Leads to Better Scope

Standard Iron employs an expert team of estimators, detailers, and project managers with decades of experience in removing barriers to best-value bids for our customers. We eliminate the hassle and guesswork from pre-construction planning to ensure quality, accuracy, and peace of mind at every step in the process.


We handle everything in pre-construction so you don’t have to worry about anything, including: 

  • Clarifying design intent with architects, owners, and general contractors.
  • Conducting project meetings, specification calls, and scope reviews.
  • Planning out every complexity required for the entire installation.
  • Our subject matter experts provide project-based value engineering.

Preconstruction Capabilities

The Vision

Our expert team handles all of pre-construction, from 3D design to budgeting. We provide detailed proposals, including identifying proposed materials through the utilization of BIM technology, allowing visualization of your project before it starts. 

The Bids

We understand your time is money, so we handle all bidding with all contractors and subcontractor parties involved. We can handle your “as drawn” proposals or conduct assessments to review your options and make recommended value engineering.

The Scope

To keep your architectural miscellaneous metals project on track, we handle scope reviews with related submittals and production documentation. When all parties are ready to execute, we’ll take over planning, scheduling, and onsite performance.

Invested in Your Project Success

Pre-construction is where our experience and expertise as a single-source partner can set the stage for your success. Contact us today to learn how our pre-construction services can help you go from guesswork to best work.

Our Pre-Construction Benefits Add Up

Fewer Surprises

We provide you with designs and a detailed budget with 3D visuals.

More Bandwidth

We handle upfront scope, designs, and budgets so you can give more time to your customers.

Reduced Costs

We’re on a mission to help you source the most cost-effective metals and components to save project costs down the road.

Faster Timelines

Our design engineers have decades of experience in identifying potential issues and conflicts that cause delays.

See What's Possible

Choose Standard Iron

For over 90 years, we have been a source of strength and value for commercial contractors who trust us to make their projects easier and more profitable. Learn more or reach out to our architectural metals team today.