Precision Fabrication Detailing

From stairways and handrails to all the miscellaneous metals needed to achieve your vision, Standard Iron is the go-to single-source partner that general contractors and owners rely on for steel detailing innovation, experience, and expertise. 

We have integrated Tekla® BIM software into our detailing process and invested heavily in BIM-powered clash detection and top-tier talent to help you:

  • Identify conflicts between engineering and architectural designs.
  • Flag potential conflicts with our fabrications and other building components.
  • Integrate miscellaneous metal elements per your design specifications.
  • Accelerate fabrication timelines via model sharing and collaboration.
  • Ensure quality control from design to fabrication and final installation.

Structural Steel Detailing Capabilities

The Quality

Our in-house detailing and quality management teams work together to ensure we follow AISC processes as part of our LEAN Six Sigma and active continuous improvement programs.

The Details

We manage every aspect of detailing in-house, including design and engineering calculations. We can also provide outsourced detailing and engineering should we need to during our partnership.

The Collaboration

Your project’s success depends on the ability to transfer information through purchasing, production, and shipping. Our automated BIM modeling capabilities enable real-time information sharing for seamless production from project design to installation.

The Details Always Matter

When it comes to miscellaneous metal detailing, we leave no stone unturned. Contact us today to learn more about how we ensure that every aspect of your design is considered when implementing show drawings for approval and fabrications.

Our Detailing Benefits Add Up

Fewer Risks

We aim to reduce cost and save time by detecting clashes early and managing design changes throughout the process.

Better Alignment

Our in-house oversight ensures project alignment before engineering drawings head to the fabrication stage.

More Options

We can help you fully meet all of your miscellaneous metal fabrications from your Division 5 specifications.

Faster Timelines

Our advanced BIM software automatically generates and shares modeling information to accelerate production timelines.

Choose Standard Iron

For over 90 years, we have been a source of strength and value for commercial contractors who trust us to make their projects easier and more profitable. Learn more or reach out to our architectural metals team today.