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Your Success Starts With Standard Iron

Improvement is more than just an initiative; it is a promise to be a little better today than yesterday for every person and community we impact. As a top-15 North American fabricator, we have invested heavily in technology, facilities, top-notch talent, and operational excellence to ensure that we are always a source of value and strength in your supply chain.

Demand More from Your Metal Fabricator

Integrated Solutions

We achieve the outcomes OEMs and contractors expect through deeply-integrated fabrication and value-added inventory-control capabilities.

Top Talent

We know that world-class capabilities require world-class people, which is why we are committed to attracting and nurturing top talent at every level.

Geographic Reach

We offer the manufacturing capacity and strategic proximity needed to support multiple locations and empower customers to consolidate their supply base.

Sound Investment

We provide ironclad stability at scale with 90+ years of fabrication experience, $200+ million in CapEx, and a strong balance sheet and investor support.

Our Fabrication Solutions

Contract Manufacturing 

We fabricate components, weldments, and complex assemblies for agriculture, energy, construction, and other essential manufacturing industries. More than just a reliable parts supplier, we integrate seamlessly with OEM operations to fortify and improve every step of product development.

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Architectural Metals

We have been delivering cost-effective, reliable architectural fabrication to contractors for over 90 years. We are the one contract, one point of contact, and one expert that contractors and owners rely on to deliver high-quality fabrications while keeping projects on time and within budget.

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Tytan Railing

We build the solutions for water and wastewater treatment contractors and fabricators who are tired of a lousy handrail and railing system status quo. TYTAN Railing is a concealed-fastener mechanical railing system that is purpose-built for flexibility and speed, from order to installation.

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Careers at Standard Iron

We believe that being the best for our customers means hiring the best people and providing the support and opportunities you need to grow and thrive. See what a career at Standard Iron could look like for you.

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